Tasty Yet Healthy-Oven-Baked Salmon

Tasty Yet Healthy-Oven-Baked Salmon

Are you one of those people who love Salmon are trying to search for a fantastic Salmon recipe? Try “Oven-Baked Salmon.” It tends to be one of the most popular dishes these days. Besides being delicious, Salmon is also packed with dozens of essential and healthy nutrients such as Omega-3. The other lucrative thing about the Salmon is that you can pair it up with various seasonings.

When Salmon comes to your mind, you might think, is Salmon skin safe to eat or not? Well, Salmon skin is safe to eat. However, you can pass on it if you dislike it. Salmon skin can easily be removed or served with the help of a knife.

This recipe is pretty simple and relatively easy to cook. Roasting salmon fillets in the oven can give you tasty and succulent fish. Just follow a few essential and crucial steps, and your Salmon will be crispy from outside and soft and full-cooked from inside. Now, without further ado, let’s jump up to the recipe.


Before starting cooking, make sure you have all the following ingredients.

  • Four skinless or skinned Salmon fillets.
  • One tablespoon of melted butter or olive oil, or avocado oil.
  • Grained salt.
  • Ground Black Pepper.
  • Lemon slices.
  • Chopped herbs.



Preheat the oven at 450°C. One thing you need to consider is to bring Salmon at room temperature. It will ensure even cooking. Next, brush oil on all the Salmon sides and then season it with salt and black pepper.


In a baking pan with an oven-proof handle, place salmon skin down on its non-sticky side. Most people complain about their Salmon sticking to the foil. To avoid this situation, your Salmon should be adequately dry. You can pat the Salmon dry with a paper towel too.


Bake the Salmon for 12 to 15 minutes until it is perfectly cooked from both sides and inside and outside. There is no need to flip the fish when placed in the oven. Salmon will quickly and correctly be flaked when cooked.

Remove baking pan from oven and shift it into a neat serving plate. Generously squeeze lemon on it. Furthermore, sprinkle some fresh herbs on it. Serve it with your desired dressing, and your tasty Oven-Baked Salmon is ready.

Cooked Salmon can be frozen for up to 3 months and stored in the refrigerator for up to 2 days. However, make sure to store it in a closed container.

Nutrition Per Serving

  • Energy: 354, kcal.
  • Fat: 23, gram.
  • Saturated Fat: 4 gram.
  • Carbohydrates: 7 gram.
  • Protein: 35, gram.
  • Fiber: 0.4 gram.
  • Salt: o.1 gram.
  • Sodium: 2%
  • Magnesium: 6%
  • Iron: 1%.
  • Vitamin A: 1%.
  • Vitamin C: 6%.
  • Vitamin B-6: 30%.
  • Cobalamin: 53%.

Nutritional Benefits

Besides being tasty and delicious, Salmon has a multitude of health benefits as well. It is an excellent source of proteins, Vitamins, and minerals such as potassium, selenium, and Vit-B12. Protein helps our body in the healing process, and potassium controls blood pressure and decreases the risk of strokes.

It is richer in antioxidants, astaxanthin, which has protective properties. Besides this, it contains Omega-3 fatty in abundant quantity. Consuming at least two servings in a week can fulfill your need. Consequently, it has ample health benefits other than that it reduces the risk factors for many diseases.

These diseases include maintaining blood pressure, improving the cells’ function that lines your arteries, and reducing cancer risk. In short, your favorite Salmon is not only delicious and tasty, but besides this, it is also packed with dozens of healthy nutrients that play a critical role in your body’s functioning. So, keep it a must in your diet and never pass on it.

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