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This site is operated by FoodValy. The mentioned Terms of Use along with the documents as referred hereunder, apply to the access and usage of our site at www.FoodValy.com/ , any of the site’s franchised locations, or any kind of information that we might access through the different social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and so more.

Please go through the Terms of Use carefully before accessing and using our system. Your usage of the overall system including the site & its services implies that you accept as well as agree to the prescribed terms & conditions of access & usage. In case you do not agree to the specified Terms of Use, then you are not authorized to access or avail the services as offered on our site.

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Disclaimer of Warranties

The materials or the services as provided through this site are offered “as is” and also “as available” and are there without any kind of warranties (implies or expressed). However, these, are not limited to the implied warranties with respect to merchantability & fitness for any specific purpose. FoodValy does not offer any kind of warranty that the overall functions as provided in the system would be error-free or uninterrupted, that the errors will be corrected, or even the overall system or the given site’s server that ensures its free availability or free from the viruses & other malicious elements. FoodValy also not provide any warranty or offer any representations with respect to the use or the specific results of the usage of the available information, products or services on the given system regarding their reliability, correctness, or accuracy.

You are subjected to understand as well as agree that any kind of material that has been downloaded or obtained through the given system or any third-party site is at your own risk or discretion and that you would be fully responsible for any kind of loss or damage to the computer system or data that had resulted from the downloading of such kind of material.

FoodValy disclaims the responsibility of any kind towards content of any third-party site or the materials provided by them on the given system or the site. FoodValy also intends to offer respect to all the copyrights and to offer responses accordingly whenever notified in case of the infringement of such rights.


Intellectual Property

Proper permission has been granted towards navigating and displaying around the site with any computer system with the help of the HTML-based browser software, individually for non-commercial, personal use. Any kind of public or commercial use of the site or any of its portions is prohibited strictly.

All the materials as included in the site or the system including images, texts, photography, audio clips, graphics, illustrations, icons, buttons, logos, software, video clips, or other kind of content as well as the collection, compilation, assembly of the materials might be used as some form of resource for the purchasing of the products & services that are offered through our site or the system. In the case of any permitted utilization of such kinds of materials or any kind of copying, reproduction, sale, modification, distribution, republication, transmission, display, downloading, posting, performance, you are not allowed to make any kind of modification, changes, deletion of the trademark legend, author attribution, or the copyright notice. No title, right, or interest in any kind of such materials will be transferred or granted to you because of the permitted use of the materials of the site.

The site might contain certain content which could include your personal information along with information related to FoodValy. You are agreeing to not copy, distribute, or modify such information or content, other than your personal information. We also reserve the right to remove any such type of content on the grounds of suspecting of the violation of the mentioned terms of service.

We are highly protective of the trademark of FoodValy as well as other service or trademarks that are owned by FoodValy.


Copyright Infringement

We intend towards prohibiting the submission of any kind of material that is copyrighted without the first obtaining of the user’s prior consent in written of the owner of the copyright. In case you happen to be the copyright owner or any kind of agent and believe that any kind of content that infringes on the copyrights, you might have to submit a proper notification by providing the same to our copyright agent in addition to offering the following kinds of information:


  • An electronic or physical signature of the authorized person towards acting on behalf of the owner with respect to the exclusive rights that are allegedly infringed
  • Identification of the work that is copyrighted and have been claimed to be infringed or in case multiple works are spanned under a single notification, then a representative list of the respective works on the given system
  • Reasonably sufficient information for permitting us to react properly or to make contacts with you with the help of the information like telephone number, address, and even an email address
  • Identification of the available materials on the site or the system that have been claimed to be infringed or are subjected to some kind of infringement activity and that needs to be accessed or removed
  • A proper statement with respect to the information that the notification is correct and accurate that you are given the authority to serve on behalf of the owner that has been allegedly infringed



Our site or the system serves as the platform for bringing together the FoodValy franchisees along with the consumers of goods & services. FoodValy is not in any case involved in any form of actual transaction between any intermediary parties. Therefore, we impose no control over the safety, legality, or even the quality of the products that are advertised with respect to the accuracy or truth of the given listings, the sellers’ ability towards selling the items or even the buyer’s ability to purchase the same.

As we are not involved in any kind of actual transactions between the franchisees and the buyers, in any event of dispute with any particular franchisee, you must release the FoodValy organization along with our employees, directors, officers, agents, and subsidiaries from any kind of demands, claims, or even damages (consequential or actual) of all types & nature, unknown or known, unsuspected or suspected, undisclosed or disclosed, arising in any way in connection with any such dispute.


Limitation of Liability

Neither FoodValy nor any of the parties involved in the creation, production, or delivery of the overall system would be liable for any form of incidental, direct, indirect, consequential, or even punitive damages that would result from the utilization of or the inability to use the given system, but not limited to, omission or negligence by action, even in case FoodValy is advised the occurrences of the such damages. The limitations also apply to in regard to the damages that have been incurred by the goods received or the reasons of specialized services that are advertised on the site or the third party sites. The limitations would also apply, without any limitation, to the overall costs or the procurement of the products & services, lost data or lost profits, such that the above exclusion or limitation might not be applicable to you. Under no case or event will FoodValy be totally liable to you in case of the losses, damages, or causes of some action that would exceed the amount as paid by you to FoodValy for the products or services offered. FoodValy assumes the absence of any responsibility and would not be held liable for any kind of damage to the system, or through the viruses that might infect the computer system or other equipment due to your access of, utilization of, or browsing of the system or due to the downloading of any kind of materials, images, texts, audio, video, or date from the given system.

You shall be assuming the total responsibility as well as the risks for the accessing and use of the site & the system along with the other third party sites that might be accessible through the given system. The sole remedy towards any kind of dissatisfaction with the site or any of its products & services that are offered through the given system or any third party sites that are accessible from the particular system would be to stop accessing and using the products & services or the entire system itself.


Links to Other Sites & Connection Through the Social Media

The site or the given system might contain several hyperlinks to other sites that are operated by some third parties. We do not impose any control over such third party sites and thus, will not be held responsible for the content provided by them or for any breaching of the contract or any form of negligent or intentional action on the role of such third party sites, which might result into the damage, loss, injury, or delay to you or your peers. The inclusion of any kind of linked website does not constitute or imply or even contain the endorsement or approval of the linked sites by us. If you choose to leave the given system for accessing such third-party sites, you would be doing the same at your own discretion or risk. All the policies, rules, as well as the operational procedures of the sites that are run by the third party sites would be applicable to you while you are on such sites. We are not, in any way, responsible for the type of information that is provided to you by any of the third party sites.


Electronic Communication

By accessing and visiting the site, or using the overall system and sending emails to us would constitute the forms of electronic communication. You agree towards receiving the electronic communication and you also consent that all the disclosures, notices, agreements, and other forms of communication that we are offering you through the electronic modes, like through emails or the site itself, satisfy the legal requirements that these electronic communications are in writing. If you wish to opt out of receiving any sort of marketing emails, then you can follow the “unsubscribe” link that is present on the email for changing the preferences.

Any sort of material or communications transmitted by you to the given system through the forms of electronic mails or other sources that might include data, comments, questions, or even suggestions would be treated as non-proprietary and non-confidential and would become the property of FoodValy along with its affiliates. Such kinds of materials or communications could be utilized for any purpose like production, creation, transmission, disclosure, publication, posting, and broadcast. In addition to this, FoodValy is free towards using any concepts, ideas, know-how, or even specialized techniques as contained in any particular communication that you might be sending to the system for any objective including the development and marketing of the products & services using such information.



You consent to the fact that FoodValy, under its sole discretion, has the right to terminate your password (if any) or the accessing or utilization of the given system, for any particular reason, like, without limitation, in case FoodValy believes that you might have violated the prescribed Terms of Service. FoodValy at any time, without prior notice, might discontinue the site or some part of the system. You also consent to the fact that the termination of any kind of the access or utilization of the site or the system could be put into effect without prior notice from FoodValy. In addition to this, you also agree that FoodValy would not be held liable to any particular third party sites or you for the termination of the access or right to make use of the site & its services.