Privacy Policy

FoodValy is a division of the Prime Marketing Exposition. We are committed towards offering you with proper information, services, products that tend to meet your diverse needs. The commitment usually includes the protection of information that we would be obtaining out of you. We wish to gain your faith & trust upon us by offering stricter rules & regulations towards protecting information that relate to you as we continue towards bringing you valuable information, services, and products. Please spare out some moments to go through the detailed FoodValy Privacy Policy to know about some important information about your own rights. By accessing and utilizing the site or any of the offered products & services including the specialized tools, features, or even resources, you are agreeing to the terms of the prescribed Privacy Policy as well as our Terms of Service & Use. The Privacy Policy, along with the Terms of Service or Use, would govern the accessing and utilization of the site along with any of the site’s franchised locations known as the “system” as well as any other kind of information we might access through the different social media channels like Facebook, and so more.

Information That We Might Collect

We might collect some sort of personal information related to you which might include the information that you would be providing us through questionnaires, applications, and other sources, or when you would join the mailing list, or if you would be requesting or submitting some kind of information about joining as a franchisee. The information offered by you has been voluntarily given by you and might include, not limited, your personal name, address, contact number, email address, preferences list, and other personal details. The information offered by you might also be collected for the purpose of participation in some give-aways or sweepstakes, for locating the store or participating in the different services or activities as generate on the given system. On the basis of the specific information that you provide, we might also gather some particular information out of the agencies like consumer reporting. This information could be credit bureaus which might be collected for the evaluation of your eligibility towards becoming a franchisee with us. All the sources & locations as provided by us are independently & completely owned as well as operated as franchisees. Along with the specific information that you provide, the site or the system might also make use of certain browser “cookies”. Cookies are usually some text files that are written to the hard drive of the user’s system and are read by different server programs for informing a particular site about the previous visits of the specific user. We might make use of the Cookies towards delivering the contents that could be specific to your personal interests & preferences, for saving the passwords such that the users do not have to re-enter the same password again & again while visiting the site, and for several other purposes. The cookie would never consist of any data that would be “executed” in the form of a code. Therefore, it never carries any viruses on your system. The cookies are mostly linked to some specific browser programs and thus, do not identify any user specifically. The cookies can also be rejected by the users and if done so, then none of the above-mentioned functionalities would be performed on the system. We might also make use of the third party sites like the Google Analytics for advertising to the users online. These third party sites might display the products & services offered by the company and related advertisements on the sites on the basis of the Internet usage. Specifically, these third party sites make use of the first-party cookies like cookies by Google Analytics as well as third party cookies like the DoubleClick cookies for informing, optimizing, and serving ads on the basis of the past visits to the site or any other site that is affiliated with the products & services of the company. Any kind of information that are collected by the third party sites through the cookies on the site is not linked to individually identifiable information like name, email address, address, contact number, and so more that you provide or we collect on the given system. You also have the option of opting out of the Google Analytics for the display of advertisements by making use of the Ad Settings of Google.

Children Under 13 Years Of Age

We never try to intentionally provide data or information online to the children who are under 13 years of age.

Information Disclosure & Sharing

We will never rent or sell your individually identifiable information to any other party or system. We might send individually identifiable information related to you to other systems only under the following conditions:

  • We have obtained your consent or agreement towards sharing the desired information
  • We might have the need of sharing the particular information, products or services as requested upon by you
  • We might have the need of sending the specific information to certain people or organizations who are working on behalf of the company towards providing information, services or products to you
  • We might respond to the legal processes or the specific court orders
  • We might find that your particular actions on the site or the system are towards violating the Terms of Service or any specific usage guidelines for certain services & products

Moreover, the demographic information of the users is also shared with certain advertisers in such a manner that it does not tend to identify any individual personally after the submission of the information.

Linking To Other Sites

You must be aware that our email communications or the overall system might contain links to several other sites as well. These sites might have provisions of individual privacy policies that might differ from the Privacy Policy provisions as mentioned here. The particular system might also contain particular icons & widgets of social media. Though you might be able to view the materials that are provided in the links, you might have to create your individual account or register for using the various third-party sites and their social media platforms for using the interactive features. Any kind of interaction on the social media channels and other sites is governed and regulated by the privacy policy and terms of service of the given platform or site. For ensuring that your privacy policy is protected, we would recommend that you must review the other site’s privacy policies along with platforms that you might visit. The email list offered by us is managed by FoodValy. If you are choosing to join the Email List, the subscription would be governed by privacy policy and the terms of service of FoodValy which might have the provisions which could differ from the policies as mentioned. For ensuring that the privacy policy remains protected, we would recommend that you should review the policies before joining the Email list.

Information Collected From Social Media And Third-Party Sites

You can also engage with the content through the various social media channels, third-party sites or other third-party social media platforms, plug-ins, applications, and integrations. When you would engage with the content on our site or on the social media channels, plug-ins, applications, and integrations, you might give us the allowance to access particular information available on your profile. This might contain your email address, name, contact number, personal address, gender, photo, and ID that would be associated with the given third party site or social media user accounts like videos and photos, the list of connections & friends, people whom you are following or who are following you, the posts, likes, and so more. If you wish to know how different social media channels and additional third party sites along with plug-ins, applications, and integrations might be accessing and handling your information, you can refer to the respective privacy policies as well as terms of service of these sites & channels.

Business Transfers

We might also disclose some information about you related to the third party site as an association of the sale, merger, or some other corporate organization. Any particular third party to which we might be transferring or selling the site or associated assets, might have the right towards continuing to use the personal information along with additional information as provided by you to us.


We adopt certain security measures to ensure the protection of misuse, alteration, damage, or loss of the information which might be under our control. However, you must note that there is no computer system that is considered completely safe from external intrusion or breaching. The emails might pass through several computer systems, and therefore, should not be considered highly secure as a means of communication unless they are properly encrypted. Even after that, the information provided by you is considered to be secure only through the encryption method. If you would visit our system, we will not be communicating with you until you would be giving us the proper permission to do so.

How Can Users Limit The Collected Information

As we are working hard to use as well as disclose the information provided by the individual users only for specified purposes as mentioned above, you have the freedom to choose that you would not like to offer certain personal information or you can limit the sharing of personal information to us in the following ways:

  • You can remove the contact information from the marketing lists of our site or system that might be used towards informing the users about the new or certain relevant special offers, products & services offered by us upon clicking of the unsubscribe link on any of the communication link received from our end or by sending us an email.
  • You can limit the incoming of cookies with the help of your browser settings. However, by doing this, you might also disable our ability towards providing you with the latest and the most relevant information or services with respect to the site or the system.
  • You can also limit the Google Analytics’ ability towards tracking your complete online activity


Accessibility Of Website

We are committed towards facilitating the usability as well as the accessibility of the given site or the system to the people who are suffering from some sorts of disabilities. The company or the system is continuously striving towards improving the overall site and thus, staying in compliance with the WCAG (World Wide Web Consortium’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines). Our site and the overall system is continuously tested on a periodic basis by various third-party accessibility experts to offer proper feedback with respect to the conformance with WCAG standards. You must be aware of the fact that under the given trend of constant changes in the field of technology, we are making ongoing efforts to improve the overall user experience. If, during any point of time, you come up with specific queries or questions with respect to the accessibility of any specific page or the overall site, you can contact us on the given contact information.

Changes To The Privacy Policy

We, at FoodValy, reserve the right to change or modify the given Privacy Policy quite frequently with a proper effective date. As such, we would recommend you to keep visiting the site on a regular basis for reviewing any modifications or changes that might occur in the practices followed by our system. We appreciate the fact that how important our Privacy Policy is to you. Therefore, we would like to make you understand the actual reason of our collection and in some cases, the sharing of some information about your personal life and how this sharing process might be of your personal benefit. As stated, when we are able to gather more information and knowledge about you, we are able to provide a greater scope of particular information, services, and products that might be of your interest and preferences.