How to Make Chicken Fajita?

How to Make Chicken Fajita?

Does Chicken Fajita come into your mind whenever you think about Mexican food? Now, the question arises, What makes Chicken Fajita, So special. Well, chicken fajita contains a classic taste because it’s a traditional Mexican dish.

Furthermore, in chicken Fajita, chicken is pepped, toasted, and cooked well to perfection. After reaching the desired level, it is tossed with sautéed bell pepper and onions. Before the topping of tortillas, a lemon is squeezed on the top. All such flavors and love for cooking make chicken fajita so special.

There is no need to use any other ingredients in this recipe as it is a perfect dish with a healthy and tasty combination of chicken and some vegetables. Chicken fajita is a symbol of excellence in Mexican dishes.

Homemade or Precooked Fajitas

Taste of precooked and packed fajitas is not as good as freshly made fajitas. In short, we cannot compare precooked fajitas with homemade fajitas. Homemade fajitas are far better than precooked fajitas. Fresh flavors in homemade fajitas make the difference.


Chicken Fajita doesn’t need anything fancy as it requires quite simple ingredients. Furthermore, these ingredients do all the magic in this dish. The main ingredient of this dish is chicken, bell pepper, onion, lime juice and species. There is a technique of adding these ingredients for a perfect taste. You can also serve your tortillas along with your favorite topping.

Moreover, all the ingredients of Chicken Fajita are beneficial in one way or other.  Following are the spices that you would need to make fajitas:

  • Slat
  • Pepper
  • Ground Cumin
  • Chili Powder
  • Garlic powder
  • Paprika
  • Oregano

These spices will provide a unique taste to fajita. Besides some precooked fajitas from the market contain flavored spices. These flavored species distort the natural flavor of fajita.

How To Add Magic Flavors In Chicken Fajitas?

Fajita is the main part of this dish. Once fajita is prepared, then cooking the rest of the dish becomes very easy. Here are simple steps that will help you in making chicken fajitas.

Chicken Seasoning:

Firstly, take the chicken pieces and sprinkle fajita seasoning on the pieces of chicken from both sides. Also, press the pieces a little, so that chicken absorbs the spices very effectively.

2.      The Cooking Of Chicken:

Grab a pan or standard-sized pot, put it on normal heat and pour avocado or olive oil into the pan. Then take chicken seasoned breast piece and sear it for about 7 to 8 minutes. Keep in mind that you have to sear the chicken from both sides.

3.      Bell Peppers And Onion:

Cut the bell peppers and onions into as thin slices as possible. Now cook them over medium heat for a short time. When both of them starts caramelizing, then stop cooking them.

4.      Mixing:

Now mix both chicken, bell pepper and onions. After that, squeeze lime juice on top and stir the mixture very well. It will provide more flavors to chicken fajita.

5.      Serving:

Your tasty chicken Fajita is all ready to eat. Remember, serve it with tortillas. Also, you can add extra topping if you want.


Chicken Fajita is a relatively easy dish to make. This dish does not take much time. Also, there are simple ingredients used in this dish. Chicken fajita is a very healthy and very delicious dish. It provides a traditional Mexican flavor.

Moreover, this dish includes tons of vitamins and is very beneficial to eat. Most people think that making chicken fajita is very difficult, but if you follow the steps mentioned above, you will be able to make this easy, but it will also taste like home.

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