How Do You Keep Mini Cupcakes Moist

How Do You Keep Mini Cupcakes Moist

How Do You Keep Mini Cupcakes Moist

If you’re as crazy as we are about cupcakes, it may be time for you to consider getting an electric muffin maker. This handy baking tool makes baking desserts a possibility even without the use of ovens. It helps the beginner bake like a pro and gives the pro more convenience in baking. Read on and discover the wonders of this tool and learn a few cupcake baking tips along the way.

The Benefits Of Using An Electric Cupcake Maker

Before we get to keeping cupcakes moist, let’s look at some of the benefits of using an electric muffin maker.

These electric makers are small to medium-sized, powered by a cord. Some cake makers are also designed for mini cupcakes, with 4 to 12 holes for the batter. If you can’t afford an oven just yet or have no space for one, your cupcake baking desires need not go to waste. Here are some of the benefits of an electric cupcake maker:

  • Cupcake makers heat evenly. These makers are designed for cupcakes, which means the heat settings are just what you need for your cupcakes. Some cupcakes in an oven may be heated unevenly or scorch.
  • Cupcake makers have energy conservation features. They consume less energy than ovens. They don’t generate too much heat, which people try to avoid during the summer season.
  • Cupcake makers are excellent space-savers. They can be easily stored after use, and they’re portable and easy to carry around.
  • Cupcake makers are safe to use. Children can have a great time helping you out with cupcakes using a maker. And with supervision, you can let them pour the batter into the maker, nurturing the love for baking while strengthening your bond.

Ingredient Hacks For Moist Cupcakes

It’s easy to see why an electric cupcake maker is ideal for cupcake lovers. But are you ready to find out ingredient substitutes to make your cupcakes more moist?

Now that we can prevent scorching cupcakes with an electric muffin maker let’s look at some ingredient hacks to create moist cupcakes.

Oil:  Oil reduces the formation of gluten and has more fat content making cupcakes moister.

  • For every cup of butter, use ¾ olive oil.

Yogurt:  Instead of water or milk, you can use yogurt instead. Yogurt makes your cupcakes more dense, and its acidic properties give them more moisture.

  • Add half the volume of your wet ingredients, except the egg.

Brown Sugar:  Brown sugar affects the color of your cupcakes, so we recommend this ingredient only if you’re cooking dark cupcakes like chocolate or red velvet. Mix half of the brown sugar with half of your white sugar to prevent over sweetening your cupcakes. Best Cupcake Liners.

Instant Pudding Mix:  The instant pudding mix, when added to your batter, creates a smoother consistency. There are also different pudding mix flavors you can use.

  • Use a small pack of pudding for a 12-cupcake recipe.

Cake Flour:  Instead of your regular all-purpose flour, you can use cake flour instead. It has higher acid content, allowing more moisture retention. Cake flour also rises better, keeping the cupcake light.

  • Substitute all-purpose flour entirely with cake flour.

Mayonnaise:  It may not sound so appetizing, but mayonnaise helps with the moisture of your cupcakes. It’s made of eggs and oil, after all, so you shouldn’t be so worried. It’s also a natural preservative making your cupcakes last longer.

  • Add ¼ cup of mayonnaise into wet ingredients for a 12-cupcake recipe.


Tip:  Use these substitutes on your electric muffin maker for evenly heated cupcakes.



The best thing about cupcakes is how easy it is to experiment with flavors. And with an electric muffin maker and some ingredient hacks for more moisture, you’re finally on your way to becoming a cupcake baking pro.

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